• Thank You Nicky Show Episode 2: Canna Mamas

    This one is for you Canna Moms! This episode is probably one of my favorites.

    Not only was this an entertaining show, but my guest Jillene Doolkadir gave us all the tea - not ganja tea (unfortunately). Jillene broke down the marijuana laws and how it applies to parents, the difference between CBD and THC, how to get a medical card, and how to get started in the cannabis industry. You can also catch this cute trailer on my YouTube - please subscribe guys I need it!

    Being that the number of cannabis user that parents - particularly mothers - has risen tremendously in the past decade. This is mostly attributed to the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. But what I was curious about was the repercussions of these new laws as it pertained parents who are using medicinally here in the state of Florida. I live in Miami, and CBD and medicinal cannabis with THC is definitely legal. But there are a few hidden surprises and conflicting regulations that we may not be aware of.

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